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QuickCRM Mobile Full 150 Users - 3 month


720,00 €

    QuickCRM Mobile Full - 150 Users

    SugarCRM on mobile phone

    QuickCRM Mobile Full gives you access to:

      • Accounts
      • Contacts
      • Leads
      • Opportunities
      • Calls
      • Meetings
      • Tasks
      • Notes
      • Cases
      • Projects and Project Tasks
      • ... and your Custom modules


    With QuickCRM Mobile Full, you can display, edit or search your CRM data and access your CRM Online and Offline.

    Customization features include:

    • Display/Edit fields selection (including custom fields)
    • Search fields selection (including custom fields)

    You can save searches to have a quick access to your frequent queries (for example: My orders last month, My priority tickets, My open opportunities, etc.).

    Various options help you optimize your screen usage.
    You can customize the number of lines displayed in lists or define a period for Calls and Meetings subpanels.

    The complete documentation is available here.

    QuickCRM Mobile Full annual license includes support and updates.