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Are licenses one time or annual?

Licenses are annual.
If a license is not renewed, the app reverts to Basic edition.

Which license should I purchase?

Only users needing access with the mobile app are taken into account.
For example, if you have 30 CRM users, but only 10 users using the mobile app, you will just need the 10 Users license.

Can a user use the app on multiple devices?

Licenses are attached to named users.
Users can change device or even use the app both on a mobile phone and a tablet with the same license.

May I install the server module on multiple CRM instances?

You can only install the license on one production server and one development or test server.

How do I renew a license?

Just purchase a new license.
Instead of sending you a new license key, we will extend the validity of your current license.

Can I upgrade to more users?

When you want to upgrade, we cancel your current license and give you a discount based on the date of upgrade.

Example: You buy a 1-5 users license for SugarCRM CE or SuiteCRM on January 1st and want to upgrade on April 1st.

  • Your current annual license has been used 3 month (25%)
  • When we cancel this license, we give you discount for 75% of the initial license (225€) on the new license
  • This new license will be valid one year from the upgrade date.

We have less than 5 users. Do you have offers for small companies or single users?

We have a per user/per month or per user/per year license that is specially adapted for smaller companies.
It is available on SugarOutfitters or store.suitecrm.com.

I am a CRM Integrator. Can I resell QuickCRM licenses?

Please contact us at info@quickcrm.fr for more details on our Partner Program.


How do I install the server module?

Go to Admin page and upload/install the zip file with Module Loader.

How can I download the latest version of the server module?

Go to your order history (https://www.quickcrm.fr/mobile/fr/historique-des-commandes).
Then click on your latest valid order.
You will find a download link on the product name.

I get an error message asking me to check permissions when opening the app?

You should first have a look at your PHP/Apache error log for more details on the error.
It is likely that permissions are not correct in your custom, cache, service or mobile folder, and default_permissions are not set correctly in config.php.
All files in custom, cache, service and mobile folders and subfolders should have the same permissions as index.php in your CRM root folder.
All folders in custom, cache, mobile folders and subfolders should have the same permissions as the cache folder.

The owner of these folders and files must be the Apache User.
If that not the case, change the owner of these files and folders.

Once you have solved the issue, you should update config.php so that the problem does not happen again next time you install a new version of the server module.

You should first make sure that the apache user and group are set in config.php (default_permissions user and group).
You should have 

    'user' => 'Apache user', // for example 'www-data' in default Ubuntu configuration
    'group' => 'Apache group', // for example 'www-data' in default Ubuntu configuration

If permissions of index.php are 775, you should define :

    'dir_mode' => 509,
    'file_mode' => 436,

If permissions of index.php are 755, you should define :
    'dir_mode' => 493,
    'file_mode' => 420,